[Trailer] Pedro Costa reveals the first images of his short film Les filles du feu

[Trailer] Pedro Costa reveals the first images of his short film Les filles du feu

“Les filles du feu” is undoubtedly one of the best-kept gems of the recent Cannes Film Festival. This seven-minute short has now been enhanced with a simple trailer, edited by the director himself!

Experiencing the cinema of Pedro Costa means immersing yourself in the unknown, recharging your batteries in a demanding production that cannot be seen anywhere else. If the Portuguese director is known for his semi-documentary films In Wanda’s room (almost three hours), he gave us the news this year in Cannes Girls of firea seven-minute short film.

after Vitalina Varela And VenturaThe director’s new film is reportedly expected to be released in the United States Film stage : American distributor Cinema Guild will already be presenting Girls of fire As part of the double program “Fire+Water”, with Hong Sang-soo’s upcoming film, In the water. If the South Korean film currently has a release date of June 26, 2024 in France and is distributed in Arizona, then Costa’s short film does not have a release date in our territory at the moment.

Some high resolution images

Considering the film’s length, the trailer for Daughters of Fire is relatively short: just 30 seconds, including mentions of the festivals where the film was shown (Cannes, Toronto, New York). These few images, Pedro Costa described as “The necessary breath at the end of the film.

The video description of the film stated: Fogo’s explosion separates three little sisters, but they sing: One day we’ll know why we live and why we suffer.

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