Time change: 5 things to know about daylight saving time

Time change: 5 things to know about daylight saving time

The transition to daylight savings time will take place this weekend and it may upset our trends again. Here are five things to know about the time shift.

The time will be shifted at 2am, on the night of Saturday March 11th to Sunday March 12th, 2023. Thus, at 2am it will actually be 3am. The sun will rise later and also set.

  1. In Quebec, owners of a bar, restaurant, meeting permit, or add-on permit will have to stop selling alcoholic beverages at the time of this time change. This lost hour can be recovered in the fall, when we turn back an hour.
  2. It was American physicist Benjamin Franklin who, in 1784, first proposed changing schedules to save energy. However, it wasn’t until 1916, during World War I, that a country introduced them for the first time. Then other countries imitated Germany and adopted the time change.
  3. Time change is a territorial purview. Thus in Canada, Saskatchewan and Yukon keep the same time all year long. Many countries in the world do not apply the time change, and this is particularly the case in China, Russia and Iceland, which have abandoned this system.
  4. The dates of the time change are not the same everywhere. In fact, the transition to summer time in Europe will take place on the night of March 25 to 26, 2023. For two weeks, there will be a 5-hour difference between the two continents instead of 6 hours.
  5. To easily remember whether to move time forward or backward, here’s a little trick: in October or November we move back one hour, while in March or April we move forward one hour.
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The next change will happen on the night of November 4-5, 2023.

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