Why you shouldn’t watch Netflix on your browser

Why you shouldn’t watch Netflix on your browser

It is not possible to watch Netflix videos in 4K quality if you are using Chrome or Firefox browser.

Today, Ultra HD (4K) quality content is becoming popular. By the way, the Netflix Premium plan offers its subscribers UHD videos on any TV, computer, tablet and mobile device that supports 4K specifications. With a few exceptions. In fact, some browsers do not allow you to take advantage of this image quality, despite subscribing to the Premium plan.

Using Chrome and Firefox browsers to watch content on Netflix can significantly reduce the picture quality of a movie, series, or show. Even if you have a monitor that supports UHD resolution and 60Hz playback, an HDMI cable that supports HDCP 2.2, and a computer with the latest specs, you won’t be able to watch Netflix videos in 4K.

The streaming service limits content quality to 720p on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

In question, digital rights management (DRM) by your browser. “The purpose of digital rights management (DRM) is to control, through technical protection measures, the use of digital works circulating on the Internet and via connected television,” Determines CSA. With these digital rights, websites authenticate people who use a program or service to make sure they are authorized to access it. This technical limitation can make it possible to restrict the reading of the medium, to restrict private copying, or even to identify works.

Chrome and Firefox support DRM software, but not hardware DRM. This makes both browsers vulnerable to screen recording apps. So users can take advantage of this vulnerability to record and share content on hacking platforms. For this reason, Netflix, considering that this failure could harm its services, limits the video quality on Chrome and Firefox to 720p. And that’s even if you pay for the plan that includes 4K support.

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Those who choose to browse using Microsoft Edge or Safari will also not be affected and will be able to take advantage of 4K if their subscription and their computer allows it. The reason is simple, these two browsers support DRM systems, so Netflix is ​​reassured about the security of their content. Additionally, the streaming giant’s app offers 4K streaming to all Premium subscribers.

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