This company replaces its servers with sets of human brain cells!

This company replaces its servers with sets of human brain cells!

FinalSpark has just launched its Neural Platform, an online computing service where servers are replaced by clusters of human brain cells. If the beginning of a dystopian future can be seen, the company highlights significant energy savings.

While the idea of ​​using human brains as computers has been widely explored in science fiction, it is increasingly being studied in the real world. Fortunately, these are not whole brains, but brain organoids, which are collections of human cells from which they were created Stem CellsStem Cells. Some have already tried to build computers using these organoids, such as Indiana University in Bloomington, or Johns Hopkins University.

However, FinalSpark has gone further and created a “neural platform,” which is a demo Cloud computing Based on brain organoids. For $500 a month, you can use the programming language PythonPython To interact with four organoids, each made up of approximately 10,000 human brain cells, out of 16 available organoids.

Power consumption is a million times lower than electronic chips

in interview In December, Fred Jordan, co-founder of FinalSpark, demonstrated the use of two different methods for EnergizingEnergizing Memberships, with ElectrodesElectrodes Or the DopamineDopamine. The advantage of brain organoids is that their consumption is much lower than microchips. According to the company, nervous cellsnervous cells Living consumes up to a million times lessenergyenergy.

So this bioinformatics was put forward as a solution to fight it Climate changeClimate change. The neural platform in particular could be used to train increasingly complex and energy-intensive artificial intelligence, thus avoiding the global electricity shortage predicted by the world. Elon MuskElon Musk.

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