The star named the footballer with whom he would like to play …

The star named the footballer with whom he would like to play …

Neymar is one of the most successful and influential footballers in the world and while he can now enjoy a truly distinguished lifestyle, his luck has not always been so good. Like many of his fellow Brazilians, the PSG star had a difficult childhood.

From an early age, Nye was clear in his desire to be a professional footballer. However, her family had serious financial problems and despite the fact that her parents worked all day, they were only able to cover some of their family’s basic needs.

Indeed, Neymar shocked all his fans by revealing that during his childhood he could not eat many sweets, because at home he had to make a great effort to pay money, and as much as he loved biscuits, it was a luxury that could not afford.

“We always had difficulties in my family, but thank God I never lacked anything essential. For example, we didn’t have money to buy cookies, but I was young and playing all the time, so I didn’t care,” Ney admitted during an interview with YouTube channel “O First Rico”.

Family is the most important thing for Neymar
Having lived in poverty that gave the Brazilian national team player great sensitivity, he always showed himself as a loving and familiar person.

While her father takes care of his acting and other business, he shares his fortune with his mother and Raffaella, his mother and sister respectively.

In fact, the family is so important to Neymar that the player is actively involved in raising Valentim, the brother of his son Davey Luca, as he ended up on a very good relationship with Carol Dantas.

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