The “ship of death” and its 19,000 ill-treated animals have left Cape Town

The “ship of death” and its 19,000 ill-treated animals have left Cape Town

The boat came from Brazil and stopped in Cape Town. Upon boarding the plane, authorities discovered cows living in their own droppings, among dead or sick animals. The stench spread throughout the city. The associations denounce the shameful conditions to which this type of livestock transport is exposed. Although the stop in Cape Town gave them a short respite, the animals were not out of the forest.

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It is a constant horror journey for these animals in distress, forced to live on beds of excrement. ship Kuwait She left for Iraq, where the cows would be subjected to ritual slaughter, hence the necessity of transporting them alive… or nearly so. While stopping at Cape Town port to refuel, the boat presented itself for inspection.

Animal protection societies and veterinarians spent three days on this boat from hell. To treat cows or euthanize them. Impossible to replace the nettoyer with a battery inserted into the bottle and the battery: the difference in the screens aurait poses a pollution problem in the port of the cap, which is recommended by the pestilent site that is repaired in the ville, such as this one. Wastewater treatment plants.

Then, the boat returned to the sea, where it was supposed to unload its cargo, before arriving in Iraq. ” This incident is a stark reminder that exporting live animals by sea is a terrible and outdated practice » The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals responded, publishing photos of the interior of the boat to support its statements.

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