The recent Harvard graduate has been named the Harvard Gazette's 2024 Schmidt Science Fellow

The recent Harvard graduate has been named the Harvard Gazette's 2024 Schmidt Science Fellow

2024 Fellowship Winners.

Courtesy of Schmidt Science Fellows

Recent PhD graduate from Harvard University Coming soon Wee Daniel Lim He was one of 32 early career researchers named A 2024 Schmidt Fellow of Science. On the advice of Harvard professor Federico Capasso, Lim's thesis in applied physics was titled “Sculpting Darkness: Engineering the Singularity with Metasurfaces.”

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Lim will move from physics to biological sciences, moving to Stanford to develop new ultrasound and photoacoustic medical imaging devices. Lim will explore the use of a new class of miniaturized acoustic sources, called acoustic frequency combs, to differentiate between tissue types and diseases more accurately. If successful, this approach could lead to more accurate diagnoses for a wide range of diseases, of particular benefit in remote or economically disadvantaged areas.

The Fellowship was established in 2018 to help researchers expand their work across fields of study and build a community of interdisciplinary thinkers dedicated to solving the world's greatest challenges. It is an initiative of Schmidt Sciencesa philanthropic organization founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt to promote exploration and discovery that deepens understanding of the natural world and develops solutions to global issues.

Since its inception, the Schmidt Science Fellows Program has supported 177 fellows across seven groups, nominated by 62 institutes worldwide. The program is offered in partnership with the Rhodes Trust.

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