“The presence of Marc Lavoine was one of the reasons that led me to accept the project”

From the first minutes, things start off strong for your character, Natalie Fontaine…

Barbara Schulz: Already. After I brutally overtaken a motorist, I insulted and mastered him by giving him an arm! Filming was so much fun… I wouldn’t mind shooting more action movies! And then, it was so much fun, because who would have never wanted to act like that in front of this kind of guy?

Are you also a style you don’t like?

I’ve always been kind, but twenty years ago I’ve been finding it hard to say no. Today, I let myself be less! I’m a street guard, fighting those who throw their papers on the ground or don’t pick up their dog’s droppings! (laughs) Joking aside, I loved this character for her reliable, brave and self-confident side. It is more effective than meditation.

Unlike Dr. Bernardt, translated by Marc Lavoine, with whom she collaborates…

Just the opposite. This contraction crouched a little, which is why he was able to solve the investigations. He’s more grounded, more committed… he has something that other people don’t have.

How was your collaboration with Marc Lavoine?

Very well. We have already worked together in 2009 in The person I likeElie shoraki movie. I loved photographing with him and was happy to find him again. When I was offered this series, her presence in the cast was one of the reasons why I accepted the project.

What are the other reasons?

Jean-Christophe Grangey, creator of the series, called me to tell me the role had been written for me. It also convinced me to work under director Jeremy Minoy. He is a cool boy who loves actors deeply.

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You turned 50 this year. Do you notice, like some actresses, that cinema offers you fewer roles?

This may be true, but I don’t really feel it. I just played in two feature films, the turtleby Léa Domenach and super stuffedby Bastian Milhoe. I am also preparing to shoot in the next film by Pascal Thomas and the film by Nicolas Vanier. It’s my turn. On the other hand, it is true that theater does not cast this view on mature women. On the contrary, there are a lot of great roles coming now.

This year, I received a Molière for as you likeBy Shakespeare. Are you sensitive to these differences?

Yes, and this Molière gave me more pleasure because I had my former about twenty years ago (Moliere in The Happy Easter Theatrical Revelation, Editor’s Note). In 2001, I was injured, but I thought maybe it was just a shot in the bowl. This proves that I have moved in the right direction and represents an even stronger recognition. Makes me realize I’m still here!

I3P: Thursday, October 20 at 9:10 PM at TF1

An interview with Adeline Quittot

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