The father discovers that his teenager tried to kill him while he was sleeping

The father discovers that his teenager tried to kill him while he was sleeping

A 13-year-old girl was arrested last week after her father caught her trying to kill him in his sleep.

According to KWCH-TV, early Saturday morning, November 25, police officers in Salina, Kansas, responded to a home after a report of an attempted murder.

The 13-year-old allegedly entered her parents’ bedroom armed with a pillow and a knife, then tried to strangle her father.

The father allegedly woke up when his daughter put a pillow on her face. However, he was unaware of his daughter’s presence and would not have understood how the pillow got there.

The teenager took refuge in a closet, where she remained hidden until her father went back to sleep.

Then she repeated the process, this time forcing her father to get up.

By looking at photos from security cameras, they understood the teenager’s father. He had seen his daughter entering his room and trying to strangle him.

The girl reportedly told the police that she wanted to kill her parents.

Salina police arrested the teen, whose name has not been released, on two counts of attempted first-degree murder. She was placed in a juvenile detention center.

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