“The era of revolutions is not over yet.”

“The era of revolutions is not over yet.”

Anthropologists, political scientists, historians and philosophers, both French and foreign, have joined forces to analyze the countless revolutions that have characterized the world since prehistoric times and to try to determine the circumstances of their outbreak and success. It is enough to interest those who fear them as well as those who aspire to them.

Interview with Laurent Jeanpierre, professor of political science at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, who curated the book “The Universal History of Revolutions” (La Découverte) with Ludivine Pantini, Quentin Delermoz, Boris Goupil, and Eugenia Baliraki.

A question that occupies the mind of thinking about revolutions: What drives them? Why all this discussion about causes?

Laurent Janpierre Revolutions have long been thought to be rare events. This illusion of exception has presented a challenge to social sciences that tend to…

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