Video games: Lots of fun rides…

Video games: Lots of fun rides…

Summer is about being outside, even if the outside is on display. With these 10 titles, you’re sure to feel the winds of riding in your virtual hair and enjoy enjoying the sunny days…without leaving an armchair.

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In the world of video games, 1994 is light years from today. This is the year you graduate amusement park, amusement park, the first simulation title of its kind. visually similar to Sim CityAnd the amusement park, amusement park Focuses firmly on management … profitable, of course, for an amusement park. So you have to hire employees and keep them happy, make sure to develop a fun offering of games, stock your drinks inventory and constantly make sure visitors are happy, otherwise you will have the right to a revolution.

It’s still the same, but much newer – dating back to 2018 – is here PARKETECT. As the name suggests, you become an architect and manager of an amusement park. In addition to a roller coaster, you also have to manage all the perks, the staff, and make sure your visitors are happy… all while modifying the land on which your park is built as you wish. And another positive point, you can play in a cooperative way in the eighth.

For lovers of adrenaline and indulgences, Threlville: Of The Rails It not only allows you to create crazy rides. You can – and this is the peculiarity of this address – walk around your garden, take your rides and interact with visitors by talking to them. In short, it’s funny and never too old…even if the game dates back to 2007.

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on the side of the phone, Idol Theme Park Taekwon It is proposed to expand the theme park by adding new games. There is even a haunted house and everything immerses players in a world of very bright colors and all-round characters.

Highlight of trips

In 1999, roller coaster tycoon It became the best-selling PC game of the year. descendant amusement park, amusement parkIt combines simulation and unbridled fun, with the third iteration giving players the freedom to build their own park without any restrictions on scrolling challenges. Of course, you can also forget about the basic rules and have fun killing visitors by throwing fireworks at them!

presenting himself as the best in amusement games, no limits 2 It offers an impressive set of features. Thus, four cameras allow you to enjoy the ride, completely immersing yourself in the roads in order to rediscover the sensations of reality. In addition, it is possible to create custom tours according to very precise specifications.

in home planet coasterThree game modes are offered: Sandbox, Career and Challenges. The title highlights the amount of expansions offered – including “Ghostbuster” – the staggering number of games and the possibility to stage a fireworks display.

Finally, before you go build your dream park – with or without dinosaurs – know that you can spend all the time you want in the world of Disneyland adventures. Besides discovering Disneyland without the costs associated with a family trip and without queues, there are an impressive number of tasks to complete, rides and even play with others. Have a good trip!

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Where Jurassic World: Domination It hit theaters a few weeks ago and fans flocked to theaters, how about managing your own fleet of these time-honored creatures? Game developer Frontier, who introduced us planet coaster And the Roller Coaster Tycoon 3offers two addresses: jurassic world evolution And the jurassic world evolution 2, Which has an expansion using certain elements of the movie.

link book

amusement park, amusement park: For Windows and macOS

amusement park, amusement park: for browsers

PARKETECT: For Windows, macOS and Linux

Thrillville: Off the track: for windows

Idol Theme Park Taekwon: For Android and iOS devices

roller coaster tycoon: For Windows, macOS, Android and iOS

no limits: For Windows and macOS

planet coaster: For Windows, macOS, PlayStation and Xbox

Disneyland adventures: For Windows and Xbox

jurassic world evolution: for windows

jurassic world evolution 2: For PlayStation, Windows and Xbox

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