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Like every start of the week, thanks to Vrai Foot Day and the Rematch app, discover the most beautiful amateur football videos shot every weekend from the edge of the field.

Without further ado, here’s the pick made by The day that highlights amateur football And the The app that captures her most memorable moments :

1/ Albee against Auch (U17 Regional 1)

Led by two goals and reducing the number to ten at the start of the game, the US Under-17 team Albee managed to reclaim the gap and snatch a tie against Ochs this weekend. He achieved the feat, among other things, with his little gem kick from the No. 10’s free kick. Two steps forward, and that’s it. Enough to pass the ball over the opposite wall and find the bottom of the crossbar. The Ausky Guardian can do nothing.

2/ US vs. Saujon. United States PONS (seniors in sections 2)

“This is beautiful! ” It’s hard to describe the start of this half-ball shot better than the entrance to the surface by player number seven of the US Pons. However, his teammate’s service was not a gift. But now, having let the ball bounce, he tried his luck as JPP and sent the ball floating past the yellow and black Saujon net. An achievement made even more beautiful because its celebration is full of restraint, unlike the visiting fans, who came in droves to cheer on the US Pons first team in this D2 match at Charente-Maritime.

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3 / Pagny-sur-Moselle AS vs Verdun Belleville sixth (U15 Regional 2)

Manchester United desperately needed Cristiano Ronaldo this weekend to face City. The CR7 would have simply preferred to ditch the Mancunian gray to spend a Saturday in the Pagny-sur-Moselle sun. Since the Portuguese never does things by half, he couldn’t help setting his goal. Control at the entrance to the deck, and hit without looking at the cage, or hardly, the attacker’s instinct is still there. Also win for Verdun Belleville. Like anything, everything is easier when you’re not playing Harry Maguire.

4 / no mail vs Lescar FC (Senior District 2)

Joao Felix scored the same goal this weekend against Real Betis. except if golazo The Portuguese rejected the referee, who wanted to return to the error. As the opposing defender had visibly deployed on his own at the start of the event, the referee was able to validate this impressive and clear right-footed floating hit 30 meters from Senior La Pride. Jules Koundé coaching club still has some good times ahead of it.

5/ AS Marcel vs. United States Guntod (section 1)

Remember Germany’s poor kits during the 2014 World Cup? Not to worry too much, here’s how to catch the opposing goalkeeper and the wall by surprise without even touching the ball. Two players around the latter, the referee blows his whistle and there is confusion, no one knows who will shoot, or when. Even his teammates didn’t seem to know. And when it starts, no one can do anything about it, the goalkeeper does not make the slightest gesture. It’s a goal for US Gontaud against AS Marcel in the D1 Lot-et-Garonne.

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Congratulations to them on these crazy goals and stunts. And see you next week, and you are in their place, who knows?

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