Tennis – ITF Amiens Championship: 22, here are the qualifiers!

Tennis – ITF Amiens Championship: 22, here are the qualifiers!

The qualifiers will start on Sunday morning from the 24th International Women’s Championship in Amiens. Two youngsters, Amiens Jade Psonka and Manon Lamarck, are among 22 matches scheduled on stadiums AAC.

Three games to win in two days! This is it obstacle course For the 44 players, from 15 countries, from India to Estonia via Liechtenstein or Portugal, who meet Sunday morning at AAC. To reach the final table, they thus have three laps to go. Match scheduled for Sunday. then to The 22 who will winThe final two rounds of qualifying are on Monday. A marathon at its end, on Monday evening, there will be only six to emerge victorious.

Yes French You have the advantage of numbers – income 23 – Will they be in the majority out of these qualifications? 2021 was a good year with four Tricolores among the six eligible. The year before, they managed five out of six. While in 2018, only one French – Francelin Emilyn Dartron Possible No. 3 in this year’s final table – Qualify.

Only 16 years but really little qualification experience

certainty: Lucy Wargner You will not reach the final lottery. Because Isarienne pulled out of the playoffs, he was injured Friday in the CNGT Championship, in Villeneuve-d’Ascq. If she continues to smile, she will therefore miss the Amiens tournament where she was in the 1/4 finals two years ago… before the first confinement sent everyone home.

On the other hand, Jade Psonka And the Manon Lamarck Part of it. The illiterate born in 2005 did not make their first attempt at the AAC’s ITF. But neither of them has ever completed a qualifying round.

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Samarian Jade Psonka is trying her luck once again in the ITF AAC qualifiers, as on Sunday afternoon she opposed a British national three years her senior.

licensed in compound annual growth rate He was accompanied for several years by the League of France Superior, Jade Psonka just came back from Avignon Where she lost in the first round of an event on clay courts. This afternoon, she faces a left-handed opponent of 20 years old, although she is British, discovers Amiens and begins her season, but she is used to ocher, as she lives in Spain with her parents.

Manon Lamarck Even less favored in predictions. Little experience at this level, she has in common with Jade Psonka to also be invited for the third time to the ITF qualifiers for her club. for the purpose of Go to the United States After the bac for tennis studies, she tries to score points. “My two previous matches here can help take the pressure off me.” She explained. But by drawing lots on the board, Manon Lamarck did not give herself a gift: her opponent, Italian From 2003, he is the number one ranked No. 7 qualifications. And I stayed in the 1/4 final ten days ago in a tournament of the same level, in Tunisia, where I was eliminated from the qualifiers.

Of the 21 other Tricolores in stadiums this Sunday, few are the favorites on paper. no 5, flavi prognoni It is measured against a Georgian player who played a lot at the beginning of the year. Jennifer Unger, No. 9, opposes a Dutch woman launching her season. also note Four French-French duelsBetween Nancy Lola Marandel, 19, and Ajaccín Alice Battisti, 17. Possessing a wild card, Corsica appears to have reached the quarter-finals of the best dynamic this week of the Avignon Junior Championships. Or one of the matches that wraps up Sunday’s Big Show between Shayna Whitmer and Helena Stevich.

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Ukrainian Veronika Boudrez grew up in the Paris region. She will try to get out of the playoffs and forget about invading her country.

Finally, while already waiting for Monday when another Frenchwoman, Diana Martynov (No. 4), enters directly into the second round of these qualifications, the match, slated to remain anonymous at Court No. 6, takes on a certain dimension: Italian Enola Chiesa reverses a player of his age. only 15 years old, Veronica Bodrez. But more than her age, it’s her nationality that attracts attention: it is Ukrainian. If she can come and play in Amiens, it is because she lives in Seine-Saint-Denis, where her parents have lived for a long time. “But it is difficult for us now.Says his father, Fasil. Fortunately, our family, who lives in the south of Ukraine, was able to move to Romania right after the start of the Russian invasion. » There are more important things in life than tennis.

Program for this Sunday – First day of qualifying – AAC ITF Championship – 10 Allée des Tennis in Amiens – free entry – Compulsory vaccination permit
Main matches:
Court No. 7-10 a.m.: Manon Lamarck (France) – Ariana Zucchini (ITA – No. 7)
Followed by: Linda Ben Kaddour (ALG) – Cosima Trinity Kalinscu (France)
Not before 12 noon: Astrid Leo-Yan Von (France)Helen Kirslidze (France)
followed by: Flavie Brugnone (FRA – N°5) – Sopiko Tsitskishvili (GEO)
Not before 3pm: Sheena Pinamar (FRA)Helena Stevich (France)
Court No. 8: Not before 12:00: Chanel Janssen (NED) – Jennifer Unger (FRA – N° 9)
Followed by Eleanor Baglo (Britain) – Jed Sonka (France)
Court No. 6: Not before 12:00: Vasanti Shinde (India) – Manifa Rakotumalala (France)
Followed by: Veronica Bodries (UK) – Enola Chiesa (Italy – No. 8)


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