Tanguy de Kreker: This Brussels businessman has made golf a business tool

Tanguy de Kreker: This Brussels businessman has made golf a business tool

Written by Miguel Tasso

Keen on the green, he is a loyal member of Drohme Golf Club, which is situated on the former Boitsfort racecourse. “I live a 7-shot iron! I took my first lessons in the late 90’s with Martin Miller. I’m a little spot on. Today, golf has become an integral part of my life. It’s an exciting sport with strong values ​​and, in my view, symbolic of fun.” Better than playing with friends or family, soon with three generations on the No. 1 shirt. It’s magic!”

After working in the media field at the then RMB, with Jacques Lernaud, on events at City 7, Tanguy De Craecker set up Euroconvention Global in the 1990s, a company specializing in the organization of high-level economic conferences.

“Our first topics were related to the promotion of the single European currency, which was a precursor to the euro! Three decades later, the structure has grown to include offices in Brussels, Orlando and Porto, but the concept has retained its DNA. Our conferences generally focus on investment and financing strategies, especially for emerging countries. It is a “Little Davos” that brings together about 200 people. We have been producing it for about fifteen years, under the Renpower brand. It aims to promote the use and investment in renewable energies throughout Africa, Central and South America, Central Asia and Greater Europe.

With the earth being round like a golf ball, swing has also entered his career. “My son, Maxence, had considered becoming a professional for a while. At the age of 18, he moved to Florida with that dream in mind. Finally, he preferred the business within Euroconvention Global. But at the same time, together with his Portuguese partner, Thiago Rodrigues, he developed an organization Tournaments for elite amateurs looking to improve their world ranking in the US: Orlando International Amateur, Sunshine State Amateur, Next Tee Invitational These tournaments bring together very good collegiate golfers who are striving to become pros.Among them many From Europeans, for example, Adrien Dumont de Chassar participated in many events of this kind when he was at Illinois College.

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Thanks to his experience, Tanguy De Craecker inevitably helps his son expand his net on greens and expand his program of events. Against this background, the upcoming organization of the Peninsula Challenge, which will take the form of two professionals: one in Puerto Rico in January 2024, and the other on the European continent, in Portugal, from 7 to 12 October.

The competition will take place on three dream courts on the Silver Coast, between Lisbon and Porto: Royal Obidos, Praia del Rey and Guardian Bom Sucesso. It will be open to teams of four players (one professional and three amateurs) with dedicated supervision of accommodation, meals or transfers.

A dynamic man in his sixties, he has maintained his flair for being entrepreneurial and going the extra mile. Retirement and idleness are not part of his philosophy. “In our family, playing golf has been a passion that we’ve had for over twenty years. Over time, it has also become a business thanks to this niche in the middle of the major tournaments.

Obviously, that doesn’t stop him from chasing birds to honor his handicap of 11.4. “I’ve had the opportunity to play some of the most memorable courses in Florida, like Bay Hill and Copperhead. I really enjoyed the Royal St George’s in England. It’s a great bonding. Golf comes in a thousand ways. These are the journeys, the discoveries, the encounters and the sharing moments. This fall , planned a short trip to Le Touquet and Hardelot with a few loyal friends. Nothing but happiness!”

Maxence de Crecker. © dr

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