Siemens turbines in Montreal: Ottawa allows to bypass Russian sanctions

Siemens turbines in Montreal: Ottawa allows to bypass Russian sanctions

Ottawa has granted Siemens a “revocable, time-limited permit” to allow the return of turbines to Germany from Russia’s Nordstream 1 gas pipeline that was repaired and decommissioned in Montreal due to sanctions imposed on Russia.

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The Minister of Natural Resources, Jonathan Wilkinson, said this decision was made after several discussions with Ukraine, Germany and the European Commission, but also with the International Energy Agency.

“Following these talks, Canada will give Siemens Canada a limited, revocable permit to allow the repaired Nordstream 1 turbines to return to Germany, which will support Europe’s ability to access reliable, affordable energy as it continues its transition away from Russian oil and gas,” he said in a statement. Saturday.

“Without the necessary supplies of natural gas, the German economy will suffer very great difficulties and the Germans themselves may not be able to heat their homes as winter approaches,” he explained.

According to the minister, Vladimir Putin’s government will “take advantage of the instability it has created to justify further destabilization of European energy security.”

Recall that the return of these turbines was at the request of Germany, which saw a decrease in gas shipments due to work at the Russian plant, according to the justification of the Russian gas group Gazprom.

However, Ukraine has asked Canada not to proceed with this decision.

At the same time, Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Jolly announced that Canada will impose new sanctions on the oil, gas, chemical and manufacturing sectors.

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She added that “the new sanctions will apply to road transport and pipelines, as well as metal manufacturing, transportation, computer, electronic and electrical equipment and machinery.”

Secretary Wilkinson took the opportunity to recall that more than 1,600 Russian individuals and entities have received sanctions from Canada since 2014.

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