Science has determined, here is the ideal length of nap to feel “better” and “more rested”!

Science has determined, here is the ideal length of nap to feel “better” and “more rested”!

We have already known them for a very long time, and they are of good quality asleep is necessary for optimal performance of our body, especially in our body brain. It seems like a good reason to take a refreshing nap during the day! Indeed, the naps By far not for kids: it’s progression Multiple benefitsat what age!

Snoozing: a true ally

Not just napping Improves cognitive functionsincluding memory, concentration and response, but also regulates cardiovascular system. This daytime sleep is real ally against the Stress. But beware, not all naps are equal. What is a file optimal duration a nap? Neurologist Mark Rey, chairNational Institute of Sleep and Wakefulness (INSV)enlighten us.

According to Mark Ree, there is two types Naps: long and short. naps short Especially indicatedWhen we stay focused for a long timeExplains the neurologist. You cannot maintain the same response for several hours in a row. So the body will need resthe adds.

The short nap: leaving it and taking it back

Thus, a short nap allows a person to “Restoration of alertness and alertness systemsBut how long do “short” naps actually last? Between 10 and 20 minutesMark Ray says. It is not about generating sleep. This type of nap is used to get rid of that. When you wake up, you have to feel bettermore Locatedhe says. And if not, ” Must fall short Take a nap and do not prolong it, contrary to what many people think“.

and even five minutes It may suffice. Mark Ray recalls the example of Salvador Dali. The famous Spanish artist fell asleep in his chair with a spoon or fork in his hand. He woke up at the moment when he dropped the pot that had fallen on a plate onto the floor. An original technique, we give you, but it looks effective!

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No more reasons to feel guilty!

However, Mark Ree explains that some people need naps long. that is the last onetestify that you are in sleep deprivation »confirms the neurologist. For example, a person got up very early in the morning“Go to sleep to recover and do a sleep cycle that can last about an hour and 30 minutes.”.

And he concludes:This is what people do especially on the weekends, because they are chronically sleep deprived during the week. This is something out of the ordinary.”. That’s reassuring! No need for guilt when you take a nap: it isusefulFor us, science has proven it!

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