Saint-Jean-de-Mousole. Science Festival: Third Successful Edition

Saint-Jean-de-Mousole.  Science Festival: Third Successful Edition

The Science Festival opened its doors as of 10am on the morning of Saturday 23 September at the Noel Bassas Space. 14 animation workshops were organized, ready to answer the many questions posed by the audience.

In the gallery courtyard, Eye and Hand by Remy Scatina, is a foundry for turning iron into steel. Then inside, the discovery of static electricity by the Shillard arc, which is the effect of attracting certain materials after friction. Make a hot air balloon and make a call at a nature bird stand.

Then computer programming through Digital Public Spaces (EPN), the discovery of the human body through a virtual reality headset by the Paléodécouvertes association in Rombonne, the mystery of the carrier pigeon by the pigeon racing company l’Éclair, the forces of light presented by Florian Plumb from Valence, and an experimentation workshop Fun with Thomas

Molière from the Samarchba laboratory. “Draw me a river” (fish, rocks, plants, birds, etc.), an invitation to drawing through the mixed union of the Deux d’Arche-Aglou watershed. VMA (maximum aerodynamic velocity) performance analysis by the Football Club Muzolais (FCM), exercise on another planet, and crazy and sporting experiments from Planete-Science.

Finally, an exhibition on home composting by Sytrad (the waste treatment association of Ardèche-Drôme).

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