Released in 2024, Starfield mods are endless possibilities according to their creator | Xbox One

Released in 2024, Starfield mods are endless possibilities according to their creator |  Xbox One

Bethesda has always planned to offer official support for mods in Starfield, and now we have a little clearer idea of ​​when support will be effective. See you in 2024.

Starfield modifications will officially arrive in 2024

We know that Bethesda is very attached to mods in order to allow the community to take full ownership of the games developed by the studio. Starfield will be no exception to the rule, Todd Howard, Starfield’s designer and creator, confirmed to the magazine Famitsu This mod support will be released in 2024.

You will be able to do almost anything, just like in our previous games. Mod support will be available next year, and we love it. We will do big things.

Surely you have already read in our columns that mods already exist in Starfield and allow you to modify the game, but they are mainly limited to modifications of existing files only and are not really official.

What’s coming in 2024 is real support for Starfield from Bethesda. If we compare it to what is in Skyrim with Creation kitWe’re talking about Deep Game Mods, a free, downloadable editor that allows you to create Starfield mods and share them with other players.

This is a tool similar to the one that Bethesda itself uses to create its games. This means that not only will it be possible to modify the appearance and settings of the game, but it will also be possible to create new quests, new stories and new characters. In short, endless possibilities capable of completely reshaping the Starfield.

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Regarding the arrival of Starfield’s first expansion, Shattered Space, Todd Howard has just confirmed that it’s still planned, but he can’t discuss its release at the moment.

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