Reddit is improving its contextual targeting tool

Reddit is improving its contextual targeting tool

Reddit, which launched contextual keyword targeting last June, reported that advertisers using the product saw a 29% increase in click-through rate (CTR) compared to their community targeting campaigns.

They also saw a 28% increase in interest-based campaigns alone.

These advertisers also saw a 59% decrease in CPA per click, high-value “last click” referral, compared to community targeting, and a 53% decrease in CPA compared to interest targeting alone.

Keyword suggestions

Additionally, Reddit introduces the newest feature in this targeting offering: keyword suggestions.

This machine learning solution allows advertisers to expand their keyword lists by recommending relevant keywords, while filtering out unsuitable keywords for the brand.

Available through the Reddit Ads Manager, keyword suggestions take the guesswork out of targeting, ranking each suggestion by monthly views on Reddit and unlocking an expanding list of relevant targeting opportunities to increase reach and campaign effectiveness.

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