Quint Fonsgreaves. The weekend celebrates 10 years of Franco-Portuguese friendship

Quint Fonsgreaves.  The weekend celebrates 10 years of Franco-Portuguese friendship

On March 9, 2013, Quint Vonsgrives signed a twinning agreement with the city of Leiria (Portugal), and since then, the two cities have implemented numerous cultural, sporting, economic and social exchanges and actions, aimed at strengthening cooperation to the benefit of both of them. Communities. Therefore, in celebration of these ten years of partnership, on the weekend of Saturday 23 September and Sunday 24 September Quint-Fonesegrives received a Portuguese delegation (elected officials from Leiria and the Staccato dance company). On this occasion, a program was organized on culture and economic measures were proposed: holding economic meetings with health stakeholders, the Franco-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and elected officials from the two cities; Saturday evening dance show with dancers from the Staccato section and Modern’Jazz section at the country house; A meal presentation on Sunday brought together many guests from both communities.

He met the “big challenge”.

These events were jointly organized by the municipality and the Quint-Fonesegrives Twinning Association headed by Eli dos Santos. In the presence of Anabella Fernández Graça, Vice Mayor of Leiria, Ana Catarina de Moura Lore, Vice Mayor of Leiria, Noelia Pacheco, Consul of Portugal in Toulouse during the signing of the twinning agreement, and Bernard Solera, Honorary Mayor of Quint-Fonsgreaves, and before inviting the audience to sit at the table, the Mayor of City Jean-Pierre Gasc said: “I wish, on behalf of the Municipal Council, to welcome the Portuguese delegation from Leiria, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the twinning charter between our two cities. An initially symbolic act, this twinning constitutes a unique opportunity for close exchanges and contacts between the two cities, allowing For their citizens to realize that what unites them is fundamentally stronger than what divides them. Political action, in the noble sense of this word, contributes to the development of European unity through concrete forms of international cooperation, supported by local initiatives. The challenge was great, because it was the first of its kind in a city of Its population is five thousand people. It concluded a twinning agreement with a city that had a population at that time of 90 thousand people (today it is 130 thousand people). Long live Quint Vonsgrivis, long live Leiria, long live the twinning between our two cities!

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