Portugal's most disgraced football show

Portugal's most disgraced football show

If football in Portugal is a religion, then pointing the finger at refereeing – whether rightly or wrongly – is almost the same thing. On television, in newspapers, by players, coaches and fans; There, simple refereeing actions are often scrutinized, analyzed and criticized. The pressure on the Men in Yellow is certainly some of the strongest in Europe. Certainly, suspicions of corruption that have been rife for decades do not help.

When asked in September 2023 about controversies linked to refereeing – a question referring in particular to the 17 minutes of extra time awarded during the meeting between Porto and Arauca – Cristiano Ronaldo then emphasized the dominant and essentially hostile status of discussions about controversies, to the detriment of those relating to football. itself. Stressing at the same time that they were one of the reasons why the Portuguese League was not a major tournament.

Final Khizo

One of the most famous “soccer” shows that certainly crystallizes the biggest criticism of refereeing in the country is the Juízo Final. It is broadcast on Sport TV, the television channel that owns the rights to the Portuguese championship, and it intervenes from the whistle of a match between Benfica, Porto or Sporting and reviews the most controversial events that took place there.

“Minute 7: A penalty kick in favor of so-and-so, a good decision?”, “Minute 44: Should so-and-so be sent off?” … What good refereeing decision is exploited even after the derby or El Clásico. For more than an hour we talk exclusively about arbitration. Not football. .

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But make no mistake. For such a program to be conceived, launched, and to be sustained over time, the theme must necessarily be popular: supply and demand. When it was launched on 12 February 2018, just months after VAR was adopted in Portugal, Juízo Final was presented by Sport TV as an “innovative” program that “promises to clarify fans’ doubts, and promote a fairer football…” »

More than just simple doubts, football fans in Portugal have confirmed facts. Especially Benfica, Porto and Sporting. Unhelped by players, coaches and even bosses who use their harsh criticism of refereeing, and sometimes even insinuations, they are convinced that they are being cheated, and at a disadvantage, for the sake of rival clubs' profits.

Obviously, this feeling is not limited to Portuguese fans, but analysis from a refereeing perspective is common there. Until it becomes cultural. It thus creates a harmful climate, which is spreading from the terraces to social networks. Juízo Final is just an extension of it. But the program forgets that in order to “promote a fairer football”, we must also, and above all, talk about football.

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