Portugal-TAP customers are victims of data theft

Portugal-TAP customers are victims of data theft

Posted Sep 22, 2022, 3:43 PM

LISBON (Reuters) – Portugal’s TAP airline told its customers on Thursday that hackers had stolen some of their personal data, except for payment details, which it then published on the “dark web”.

TAP an indication of a lettre adresse to ses clients such as cyberattaque, because the most modern, avait permis d’obtenir of ses informatique les noms, nationalité, electronic adresse, personal adresse, number of telephone and number of fidelity of certains d’ between them.

TAP said: “The publication of personal data via open sources may increase the risk of its illegal use, in particular with the aim of obtaining other data (..) in the context of fraudulent attempts such as phishing.”

“There is no indication that any paid data was extracted from TAP systems,” it added. The airline also said it took steps to keep its systems running and protect other data.

TAP also advised its customers to remain skeptical and strengthen their passwords. It added that it would refrain from any further contact with individual customers about this matter to avoid confusion.

TAP CEO Christine Ormeris-Widener told reporters that the company takes its customers’ data “very seriously.”

It did not disclose the number of affected customers, which some local media have estimated at around 1.5 million, saying such estimates do not necessarily correspond to reality. It promised new investments in cyber security. (Reporting by Sergio Goncalves and André Khalil. French version by Alizée Degorce; Editing by Kate Enteringer)

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