Portugal, Iraq, Russia and Pakistan: in the heat of hell and the dust of the desert

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The alarming climatic situation in Portugal, Iraq, Russia and Pakistan. The heat, along with the passing of dust from the desert currently raging in these countries, is putting the population to the test. Thermometers from 30 to 35 degrees or more, show abnormal temperatures for this season of the year. One of the results of this situation is the reduction of dam lake reserves. An overview of warming signed by our reporters around the world: Sonia Ghazali, Marie-Lane Darcy, Lucille Wasserman and Anisa Al-Jabri.

In Portugal, 10 of the country’s 18 separate administrative divisions are put on fire alert. The country has been thirsty for months and the measure is justified. The region has a drought of 85%, after a particularly harsh winter, February was one of the three driest months since 1931. A consequence of the situation is the shrinkage of the dam lake reserves. They are used, among other things, to supply cankers in the event of major fires breaking out in the interior of the country. Five years after the massive 2017 wildfires and their 140 victims, we fear a scorching summer. The reconstituted plants, lack of water and heat, combined components of a perfect storm.

In Baghdad, Iraq, dramatic dust storms have been occurring every week for more than two months, sweeping the central and southern cities of the country with a thick orange cloud. It is impossible to see more than a few meters … and the repercussions are many. This obviously affects the country’s economy. Thousands of people in respiratory distress must go to hospital and these storms could have repercussions on security in Iraq, where jihadists can easily move and operate without being detected. Accordingly, many problems due to these weather phenomena that can occur more than 270 days a year over the next two decades, according to an official from the Minister of Environment, are due to the scarcity of water in the country.

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In Russia, several fires, exacerbated by strong winds, broke out ten days ago in eastern Siberia. In some areas, these winds reached 40 meters per second, compared to 25 meters per second expected. The consequences, especially in the Krasnoyarsk region: falling trees, interference and falling power lines. The result: simultaneous fires, which are difficult to put out with gusts of wind. It is impossible to use flying. Fire can only be fought on the ground. A state of emergency has been declared in this area.

In Pakistan, the infernal temperatures have been going on for two months and could continue. The thermometer showed up to 51 degrees Celsius in the shade, in Jacobabad, Sindh province, in recent weeks. This is the new record for the highest temperature in the world in 2022. And the oven can still go on.

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