Paulo Fonseca: “I felt a lot of emotion against Auxerre”

Paulo Fonseca: “I felt a lot of emotion against Auxerre”

Known as coach Paulo Fonseca since 2007, at the age of 34, in France, the fourth country in his coaching career. Experience and diversity have allowed him to refine his football thinking.

The 49-year-old Portuguese is known for his ability to make his teams play well, and he explains that for him this philosophy is a prerequisite to his approach to football. More than winning, although that is also important. It is necessary to entertain the fans and spectators who come to the stadium: “I think we have an obligation as coaches. The game is a show, it’s entertainment. When people come to watch a match, they have to see beautiful things. Even me, as a fan, if I decide to go to the stadium and not watch a good match, it’s like I’m going to watch a concert.” And I don’t like what I see: I’m going. What we want to see is what makes us happy. I want to win but not only. I want my children to watch the games with passion and pleasure. Do I earn more than others? I don’t know. But I think this way of playing makes us win more. For me Either you build something that gives you pleasure, that you believe in, or it’s better to change your job. I don’t want to be the messenger of the outcome. I feel obligated to myself because I love the game.”

Paulo Fonseca has lived without a job since his contract with Roma expired in the summer of 2021, a year without training before becoming the new coach of Lusk. A break that increased his emotions upon his return to the official competition last Sunday against Auxerre: “Did you ever cry for football? Yes, but more in the happy times. The last time? I can’t say that I cried but I felt a lot of emotion in the last game (against Auxerre, 4-1, Sunday). When I sat on the bench before The match and the fans started screaming, I said to Tiago (Lil): “I really missed it.” In hard times, I have never cried in my life. But in those moments, with the fans… I can go to a concert and see a whole stadium full, It moves me. When I talk about feelings, I find it very difficult. For example if I have to receive an award. I inherited that from my father.”

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