Our brain's record at all levels: an index of the people mentioned in action

Our brain's record at all levels: an index of the people mentioned in action

After my country Great post from last week which listed many of the properties of my book “Our Mind at All Levels. From the Big Bang to Social Consciousness.”, I'll stick to something much shorter this week, in order to free up time to develop the various appendices to the book I'm currently working on (which I should complete in less than a month to send to “print!”). In addition to an index of important words that will be capitalized in the text, the book will also include an index of the proper names of the people mentioned. It was important for me to be able to quickly access, with the help of this index, the contributions of all those people on whom I have been able to draw to present to you my version of the history of our species, its mind, and the thought it generates. But what distinguishes this indicator for the authors is that scientists compete with politicians and artists. This already reflects the formation Two interviewers Who reports his work DialoguesThis means that I am scientifically famous and my colleague is so involved in social sciences, politics and artistic creativity that I will have the opportunity to talk to you again…

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