How to make your Xiaomi smartphone more accessible with this feature

How to make your Xiaomi smartphone more accessible with this feature

MIUI isn’t the most convenient Android overlay, but it’s certainly the most customizable. Specifically, I’ll show you how to customize an interface xiaomi smart phone To make it… well, more comfortable.

So we will talk about the feature called Quick Ball or Touch Assistant. that it Special feature for MIUI Which allows you to have a virtual shortcut button on your home screen. Quick Ball is available at MIUI 13 interface But also newer versions, up to MIUI 8.

By clicking on this floating bubble (Quickball > Ball/Bubble > Shortcut, do you have that?), you can access a chain of 5 shortcuts. You can assign multiple actions to each of these five shortcuts such as returning to the home screen, switching to silent mode, screenshotting, etc.

  1. go inside Settings
  2. go inside Additional settings Then Touch Assist
  3. Enable Touch Assist then Choose 5 shortcuts
  4. from your home screen, Tap on the floating bubble To bring up Touch Assistant

Here’s how to activate the Quick Ball menu on your Xiaomi smartphone / © NextPit

The bubble is floating, so you can move it as you see fit on the home screen of your Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone and you can also hide it by swiping it towards the edges of the screen.

In the Quick Ball settings, you can also create a list of apps on which the floating bubble can’t be forced (for apps you use in full screen mode, like Youtube or Netflix, for example). Finally, you can even make the quick ball bubble accessible from the lock screen.

So much for this very quick tutorial to activate the Quick Ball menu on your Xiaomi smartphone. What do you think of this feature? Contextual menus and shortcuts, do you find them useful or do they annoy you?

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