Paris Under the Bombs: Ukrainian Propaganda to Make Europe React

Paris Under the Bombs: Ukrainian Propaganda to Make Europe React

Eiffel Tower exploding and fighter jets over the Basilica of the Sacred Heart: This catastrophic scenario was shown in a Ukrainian propaganda video to make European countries react and close the airspace.

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On Saturday morning, the Verkhovna Rada released a fake video that depicts Paris at war. We see a woman standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, suddenly exploded. The video, accompanied by screaming and crying children in the background, presents a harrowing picture of the French capital. In the end, a message and a request: “Close the skies over Ukraine or give us fighter planes.”

“Will the famous Eiffel Tower in #Paris or the Brandenburg Gate in #Berlin still stand under endless bombardment by Russian troops? Do you think this doesn’t concern you? Today it is Ukraine, and tomorrow it will be all of Europe. Russia will stop at nothing”, The Verkhovna Rada page tweeted to accompany the video.

For several days, Ukraine has been appealing to NATO to establish a “no-fly zone” over the country. The creation of a no-fly zone would ban Russian combat aircraft over certain cities in Ukraine, such as its capital, Kyiv.

But the Ukrainian president faces the reluctance of Europe and the United States, which fear it could fuel conflict.

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Les pays membres de l’OTAN marchent sur des œufs depuis le début de l’invasion russe de l’Ukraine, de peur que Vladimir Poutine ne déploie de plus gros moyens, notamment l’arme nucléaire, s’ils directement s’engagent the stadium.

“If we fall, you fall too,” warns the text at the end of the video, using a quote from Volodymyr Zelensky.

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