Wow and a constantly renewed challenge

Wow and a constantly renewed challenge

A little over a year after its release, Elden Ring continues to ignite the emotions of players all over the world. You have to believe From Software was able to find it The happy medium between difficulty and pleasure In developing its flagship title. Find out the reasons for this resounding success!

🎮 Game Elden ring
🗺️ Basic data Complex bosses, smooth gameplay
📍 Subject Reasons for the enduring success of the Elden Ring
📱 The platform PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows

Elden ring phenomenon

Elden Ring is a role-playing game developed by From Software, available on PC and consoles since February 2022. Acclaimed by critics and playersHe was sacred Game of the Year at the Game Awards. This title is based on a rich universe, a complete combat system, and a well-built open world. Since its release, millions of players have come face to face with many fearsome bosses and enemies.

Great stats

In an effort to celebrate the game’s first anniversary, Bandai Namco has shared a graph that reveals several notable stats:

  • Players have started boss battles 5.9 billion times
  • The total death toll is close to 9 billion, incl 2% due to invading other players

List of the most tempting bosses

According to data provided by Bandai Namco, here is a ranking of the most exposed bosses:

  1. Malinia, Blade Mikaela: 329 million attempts
  2. Margit the Fill OmNumber: 281 million attempts
  3. Limegrave Tree Sentinel : 277 million attempts
  4. Radagon of the Golden Order : 148 million attempts
  5. Starskorg Radan : 139 million attempts

Interestingly, two of the game’s early bosses are among the most enticing, Limgrave Tree Sentinel and Margit The Fell Omen.

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Malinia, the most terrifying boss

Despite the game’s general difficulty, one boss in particular stands out for its complexity: Malenia, Blade of Miquella. total 329 million attempts-You have become the most attempted enemy by Elden Ring players. The popularity of this boss is not only due to its difficulty but also to its design and captivating storyline.

An ever-renewing challenge

Since its launch in February 2022, the Elden Ring has constantly inspired players to take on new challenges. Some hardcore fans strive to push the boundaries by performing absurd and amazing feats. For example, a player named Let Me Alone sets out to complete a new challenge to defeat Malinia using only duplicates of Mikaela’s sword.

A promising future for the Elden Ring

With such enthusiasm about the game and the numbers attesting to its popularity, Elden Ring seems to have a bright future ahead of it. The developers continue to support the title with regular updates, while the community continues to grow. In 2023, it will be interesting to see how this video game phenomenon evolves and whether new challenges spark gamers’ imaginations.

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