Nine minors escape from Abraxas Academy during a riot

Nine minors escape from Abraxas Academy during a riot

Police in Pennsylvania (northeastern United States) announced that nine minors who escaped Sunday evening after a riot from their detention center are wanted by authorities in Pennsylvania (northeastern United States).

“Law enforcement authorities, including the Pennsylvania State Police, are searching for nine juveniles who escaped from Abraxas Academy” Sunday evening around 8 p.m. local time, David Beom, a member of the Pennsylvania State Police, wrote on the social media network X (formerly) Twitter.

“Escaped minors, in principle, wear gray trousers or shorts and a gray shirt,” he adds, issuing a call to testify.

According to Mr. Bayoum, a search perimeter was established around the juvenile detention center located in Morgantown, in southern Pennsylvania.

“A riot occurred at Abraxas Academy this evening,” the Carnarvon Township Police Department said in a separate statement Sunday evening. The authorities there “restored control of the juvenile detention center.”

This center serves young offenders between the ages of 14 and 18 in a specialized treatment program, according to its website.

It is located 24 km from the rural locality or the city near Danelo Cavalcante’s cavalry, in a 34-day-old place in Brazil to find his ex-pet mother, a mercenary april a day during an intense period. Chase.

His escape, revealed on Chester County Jail camera video released by authorities, was as stunning as it was embarrassing for the jail, police and judicial authorities.

The prisoner can be seen hiding in a gap in the courtyard, then climbing gracefully in the manner of Spider-Man, his body horizontally between two walls, and disappearing on the roof.

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