News – College of Science and Engineering

News – College of Science and Engineering
Congratulations to Jacopo Profelli winner of the Young Investigator Award (YIA) presented at the 25th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (CPSI) held in Kyoto, Japan!

The postdoctoral researcher, part of Professor Gaetan Laroche’s team from the Department of Mining, Minerals and Materials Engineering, received this award for his exceptional career as a young researcher in the field of plasma under atmospheric pressure.

This researcher is mainly interested in nanomaterials, environment and creation of plasma systems. Its main objective is to develop new processes and advanced materials for energy technologies (flexible electronics, batteries, photovoltaics, smart packaging, etc.) that have minimal impact on the environment, whether for laboratory or industrial uses.

Jacobo co-invented the anti-fog process for medical endoscopy, and is also the founder of KALEGO Solutions, a company that specializes in creating highly innovative surfaces. He also created the Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurs and Innovators Association (CESIQc) that aims to develop, commercialize and adopt innovations.

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