Narcissistic Perverts: Why Are We Always Attracted To Them? Science answers

Narcissistic Perverts: Why Are We Always Attracted To Them?  Science answers

Do you feel like you are always associated with the same profiles? Dominant men sometimes don’t hesitate to crush you? Well, that would be normal. In fact, Mark Travers, an American psychologist, Three reasons may be behind this attraction to toxic relationships. According to this specialist, the first reason mentioned is to fill a pathological need for love, namely: Repetitive and compulsive care and attention to his partner. According to one study, people with A pathological need for love will enter into relationships without considering whether they are truly compatible with their partner and is therefore more likely to settle in them. toxic relationship. »

Reasons why we see a toxic person

The second reason: Attachment style. Mark Travers cites two: Anxious attachment, which is characterized by a fear of abandonment, and avoidant attachment, which is characterized by a desire to hide one’s vulnerability. These modes of operation may lead you to She easily commits to someone who has it toxic propertiesWrites psychologist. The last explanation: borderline personality disorderWhich is characterized by A constant tendency to instability and hypersensitivity in personal relationships. According to the psychologist, people who Sufferers will alternate between phases of idealization and devaluation of their partner, and thus will be more likely to “engage in unstable and dangerous adventures.”

But how do you get rid of toxic relationships? You should already be aware of this and ask yourself these questions: “Am I safe?” or Is this relationship healthy? Your answers will give you the will to leave, even if it takes timeMark Travers also advises Be aware of these patterns. to “Boost your confidence” Based on Ask for help if needed. This allows Break free from the cycle of toxicity and creation A lasting, healthy, satisfying love.”

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