7 Food Combinations That Make You Lose Weight

To put the odds on your side to shed extra pounds, consider Offer certain foodswhich, together, set off Accelerate metabolic activity and the Burn fat.

Thanks to complementary nutrients, some food pairs It will help fight fat, fight bloating and increase metabolism. with many Support for scientific studiesMedisite editorial team presents you 7 food formulas Who will participate and even contribute to Weight loss. Preview in pictures.

Diet: Metabolism is constantly working

Before figuring out strings, let’s get back to the basics. We recall that Metabolism It is a continuous process that the body uses to ensure the functioning of all its organs: l Heart, brain, breathing, digestion, or even body temperature. Metabolic activity is continuous. It works even when you sleep. It is similar to a non-stop motor.

Energy expenditure depends on many physiological factors such as gender and age the weight, the size. Some people have a faster metabolism than others. Hence it helps in better weight regulation.

Metabolism: 3 things to do to lose weight faster

To speed up your metabolism, “start eating more protein‘, advises Raphaël Gruman, dietitian, to cite for example meat, fish, eggs and shellfish. He also insists on plant-based proteins, spices and high-fiber foods. It’s also important to stay hydrated. It’s a fact: the more water you drink – or eat foods rich in water. The more calories you will burn.

The sleeping It will also be necessary to speed up the metabolism. At rest, some metabolic functions are better activated. This is one of the reasons why sleep-deprived people find it difficult to lose weight. Finally, it also happens that a filePhysical activity It is a great way to fuel your metabolism.

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Discover with pictures 7 food combinations that will help speed up your metabolism and lose weight.

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