Ludive: A Week on Science Fiction and Science

Activities for all ages follow each other until Saturday 2 July in the auditorium with Cist.

The Center for Science and Technology Fiction (Cist) has been established in Lodev for three years, and aims to create “Simple, fun, and effective ways to explain science to various audiences, with an emphasis on history, current events, and science fiction”, He refers to Frédéric Vaux, one of the leaders of the association.

He received technical training, and has been a scientific medium for nearly twenty-five years “Science, great scientists, but also those who predict the future or work on imagination has always been a passion”. This enthusiasm, which combines play and education, drives many of the events organized by Cist.

Intriguing cabinet

Thus, as part of the Partir en livre, designed by the National Book Center, various activities are presented in the Dardé Hall and in the Cultural Center of the Leclerc Center in Bosc, from June 27 to July 2, among others, Claude Eiken and Joëlle Wintrebert, authors live In Occitanie: “They are writers who are able to tackle a lot of different topics.”

Cist is also in the Alternateur, in Saint-André-de-Sangonis, until the end of July: more than a resource center focused on books and pictures related to science, technology and fiction, as in Halle Dardé, you are invited to visit the real cabinet of curiosities about robotics: “We are showing for example the Sherpa, an Android device classified as a French scientific and technical heritage by the Museum of Arts and Sciences.” Designed by the Computing, Robotics and Microelectronics Laboratory in Montpellier, Sherpa is a bipedal walking robot with reversible operation!

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Citizen’s approach

Cist regularly organizes school tours in Occitanie. “Promotion is a civic approach for us. Moreover, the territory has tasked us with critical thinking and scientific method. I am a leading science assistant or infox”As Frederic Vo says, which is helpful after the avalanche of false information circulating during the pandemic.

To determine that science on which it is based “Improve and Unbelievable Pointers and Verification” Boys don’t understand it better than girls: “It’s a community format that’s been in effect for centuries.” In short, self-evident has nothing to do with the scientific method.

Go to Ludive and Bosque

Until July 2 at the Dardé Hall, the Cist Cabinet of Curiosities presents, as part of Leave in the bookFree, amazing and fun animations on the topic”Science and science fiction for audiences ages 7 to… 107 (and more) !)”.

This Saturday, July 2 from 10 a.m. to noon: Guided tour and signature interviews with authors Joel Winterbert, Claude Eaken, Jerome Gasola, and Philip Martin. free access. It is also planned to sign a meeting with author Claude Aiken on the topic “friendship in sciencefiction”, Friday, July 1, 6 p.m., in the cultural bookstore space of the Leclerc du Bosc supermarket.

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