Science Centre: Towards a New Governance

Science Centre: Towards a New Governance

The Differing Science Center was invited back to the House.

It was mentioned in the parliamentary committees to monitor the implementation of the budget and national education yesterday. The Minister of National Education, Claude Miche, gave explanations to the elected officials. After the termination of the agreement between the state and the non-profit association “Luxembourg Science Center”, negotiations are under way on a new form of cooperation. According to the minutes of the meeting, a new agreement should emerge by the end of July. Pending completion, the Ministry of National Education drafted a memorandum of understanding that was presented to the members. This agreement, which is currently under negotiation, is based on the lessons of the analysis conducted by the Inspectorate General of Finance (IGF). The stated will of the Ministry is to put in place mechanisms to ensure the healthy performance of the Science Center. In its analysis, the Internet Governance Forum revealed conflicts of interest that should be avoided in the future. The founder of the Luxembourg Science Center, Nicolas Didier, was also the director of a private company, GGM 11, responsible for equipping the center and building the various stations there. the society He paid for his travels between New York, his place of residence, and Luxembourg. Finally, the company took care of part of the administrative management of the Science Center, which received significant support from the state.

The purpose of this MoU is to ensure effective oversight mechanisms and mandatory endorsement of strategic decisions by the Science Center Board of Directors. He explained that the state must be systematically involved. MEPs stressed the need to create new governance.

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