Least Developed Countries (M) D-7 | Montpellier plays against Porto

Least Developed Countries (M) D-7 |  Montpellier plays against Porto

Sebastian Carlson (Montpellier)

This evening, Montpellier will fight for a quarter of an hour before flying away against Porto, and this encounter allowed the entire team to gain maximum confidence, an indisputable victory (35-24).

On this last day of the Champions League first leg, Montpellier receives harbor Two teams are looking for points and hope to qualify for the next stage. Two clubs unfortunately affected by long-term injuries.

Sebastian Carlsson size pattern

In a balanced start to the match as the field players and goalkeepers adapt. Montpellier’s wings opened the scoring (4-4, 6′). MHB seems to be surprised by the good defending from the Porto players (6-6 12′). Lucas Bellas (5 goals) and Sebastian Carlson (10 goals), which is the first 6 goals for the Herault team. After 20 minutes of play, no one was able to exploit the advantage, and the real game of mano-a-mano (9-9) was launched. In the last ten minutes of the first half, Montpellier decided to accelerate Porto’s decline to -5 in just 3 minutes (14-9, 23′) with two goals from Remy Desbonetsas soon as the Portuguese begin their traditional attack at 7 o’clock. MHB does not slow down and takes off at the end of the first period (18-13 30′).

Montpellier guarantees

Coming back from the locker room, the teammates’ intentions remain the same Kilian Velminot (5 goals) starts with +4 and leaves Porto at -9. Montpellier team unfolds: strong in defense and effective in attack (24-13, 36). On the MHB side, we could not have started this second half better. In like the Brian Monty (7 goals) despite their progress, men Patrice Canaire Stay focused, Not allowing the Portuguese to return (27-19 45́). Porto for all of their turnovers or missed shots, It is faced by Herault (33-21, 50). A calmly managed finish allowed Montpellier to finish the first leg of the qualifier with a win (35-24 final score).

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