A stunning view of Mars celebrating the 25,000th orbit of the Mars Express probe

A stunning view of Mars celebrating the 25,000th orbit of the Mars Express probe

This is enough to make your head spin! Since positioning itself around Mars in 2003, the probe… Mars ExpressMars Express More than 25,000 have been completed OrbitsOrbitsthe eyeseyes It is still attached to the surface of the red planet. And the timer keeps ticking, to our ultimate happiness and, above all, our happiness for scientists.

Images that shake our understanding of Mars

Because Mars Express, with its High Resolution Compact Camera (HRSC), has completely changed our view and understanding of Mars. The high-quality images provided by the probe make it possible to observe the planet's surface, atmosphere, valleys and volcanoes, with unprecedented precision… as evidenced by this final shot that reveals the region of Tharsis and its famous site VolcanoesVolcanoes Giants: Olympus Mons Of course, but also Arsia, Pavonis And Ascarius mons. Ambiguous fracture zone Noctis Maze Also visible. This is the place where a new and majestic volcano was recently identified.

Attentive observers will notice a very discreet intruder: PhobosPhobosA small natural satellite of Mars appeared in the photo! On the horizon, at the bottom of the image, we discover the bluish color of some clouds. In one photo, Mars Express reveals the full extent of its surveillance capabilities!

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