Xbox Game Studios – Live Xbox developer with Arkane, Turn10, Mojang and Bethesda?

Xbox Game Studios – Live Xbox developer with Arkane, Turn10, Mojang and Bethesda?

In all likelihood, Xbox should hold a live event to discuss the future of many of its products, including RedFall, Minecraft Legends, Forza 8, or The Elder Scrolls Online.

Things become clearer in order Microsoftwhich should explain more about its line-above 2023 in the coming weeks, to satisfy ad-hungry gamers. So far, we’ve finally been without real news regarding many of the highly anticipated products both on PC and Xbox, but according to the insiders, we’ve always Tom HendersonAnd “Xbox Developer_Direct” will be scheduled for January 25th at 9 PM (French time).

In the program, several major announcements with developers from Xbox Studios. We’ll quote Arkane Austin, who has to say more about this co-op and open-world shooter red fall. Until then, the first previews should drop today.

But we’ve also been waiting for this Turn10 event, behind the Forza Motorsports series, the eighth part of which has finally shown very little for several months. the same for Mojang Who will bring his bags a new demo of Minecraft Legends-This strategy and action-driven game Blackbird Interactive.

The next chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online is expected


Especially, Players can also expect to discover the first information about the next expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online. MMO game for ZeniMax Online General usually releases its content during the month of January. If nothing is known about this next chapter in history, it might nonetheless lead us along Morrowwind – which have already been extended in 2018, and in particular the Tilvany peninsula, if we are to trust the clues given here and there before NPC.

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Finally, if you were hoping to see starfieldAnd It has been postponed to later this yearFPS RPG from Bethesda You should miss the party, he reveals Windows Central. In all likelihood, the game should have its own dedicated event, thus leaving all eyes on RedFall, Theoretically expected for the month of May.

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