It’s Christmas: Enjoy over 100 free SFR box channels

It’s Christmas: Enjoy over 100 free SFR box channels

That’s it, the lights are out, even the snow is there: Christmas is coming soon! And SFR has already put a lovely gift under the tree for you… In honor of the year-end festivities, more than 100 channels featured in their various TV packages are now clearly available. We tell you everything!

The holiday season, especially when it’s very cold like it is this winter, is an opportunity to spend cocooning evenings, alone, as a couple or with the family, comfortably curled up on the couch, warm under a plaid, hot chocolate and marshmallows in hand in front of a good movie or series. foot. To help you make the most of these enchanting moments, SFR invites you to fill in the programs to discover the channels available in its various TV packages. The good news is that, as a nice early Christmas gift, many are being given away for free throughout the holiday season! From this Thursday, December 15th until next January 9th, more than 100 channels are available to SFR fund holders. You only have a mobile subscription with SFR? Don’t worry, you can also enjoy many more of these channels. SFR News He explains everything to you.

The opportunity to discover the new Universal + channels

First of all, whether you’re a SFR box or mobile customer, you can access the entire family package for free over the holidays. Excellent news because the latter alone has almost 50 channels that will be shown in vivid form, which, as their name suggests, should please the whole family! And for good reason, within this TV package there are youth channels, such as Nickelodeon, Boomerang and Cartoon Network, as well as those that will interest older people more, such as Sérieclub, Comedy Central, Paris Première, Ushuaïa TV or MTV …

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Above all, what makes this family package even more attractive is that it includes the all-new Universal + service, with SYFY channels, for fantasy fans, 13ème RUE, for action fans, E! , for fans of reality TV, and the brand new DreamWorks, where kids will find some of their favorite heroes from famous animation studios. Concretely, these Universal + service channels invite you to discover series like resident alienAnd the Doom Patrol where Legacies (SYFY), Indoor kitchenAnd the Marion where shock (13ère RUE), programs such as keeping up with the Kardashians where The Real Housewives of Dubai (E!) And so like a cartoon Puss in Boots AdventuresAnd the Where’s Charlie? or The Croods: Origins (A business dream). Something for all tastes, for young and old alike!

Cinema, music and international channels in addition to the box customers

And that’s not all. In addition to this family package, customers of the SFR box are entitled to many other free channels during the holidays. First of all, there is something to please all moviegoers, with all Ciné + channels (Premier, Frisson, Émotion, Famiz, Club and Classic) to diversify the pleasures, which have also been added to TCM Cinéma with great Hollywood classics and action. , the channel is entirely dedicated, as its name suggests, to action films. In addition to all this, SFR BOX subscribers also have free access for now to a few music channels (Melody TV, for fans of variety, and Mezzo, for fans of classical, jazz and world music), as well as only packages that give the lead to foreign channels (Bouquet Portuguese Premium, Bouquet African Privilège and Pack Arabia). If you are however, you still don’t know what to watch during the year-end holidays…

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So don’t wait any longer to discover the 100+ channels clearly available, until January 9th on SFR! How do I do ? Nothing is easier. Box customers will naturally find them on their SFR TV box, where they can be accessed exceptionally free. As for mobile customers, you can now access these unencrypted channels via the SFR TV 8 app from a smartphone, or via the PC TV service from a computer with internet access.

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