Is your tattoo ink a carcinogen?

Is your tattoo ink a carcinogen?

A US study revealed that less than half of the most common tattoo inks contain potentially carcinogenic chemicals.

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Researchers at State University of New York analyzed 56 widely used inks and found that 23 of them contain azo compounds that can transform and become carcinogenic when exposed to UV rays or bacteria.

Since these inks are also found in Canada, there is reason to ask questions, says University Laval chemist and professor Normand Foer.

“There is nothing in Canada that requires ink manufacturers to indicate the chemical composition of their ink,” he explained to TVA Nouvelles.

The latter considers that it is therefore impossible for the consumer or the tattoo artist to know the composition of the ink.

Moreover, the vast majority of inks use the same pigments that are used in paints or textiles.

website Currently under construction to help tattooers and artists learn about the products in their inks.

To see the full explanation, watch the video above.

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