In Portugal, you can now take the train at will for €49

In Portugal, you can now take the train at will for €49

The new monthly offer from the Portuguese railway company includes unlimited use of regional trains. Leonid Andronov / Leonid Andronov –

Inspired by the German initiative, Portugal offers since August 1 a monthly pass that allows you to use all regional trains. But beware, many restrictions apply.

This is very interesting til train lovers. After Germany, Portugal has just launched a monthly subscription that allows you to use its rail network as often as you like. Since August 1, National train ticket It allows you to travel around the country for 49 euros per month. The good news is that this subscription is open to all Europeans, including simple tourists, as I confirmed Schengen Area Information Portal.

With this railway pass, you can travel On all regional trains in the country and [il] Unlimited travel is allowed, without time restrictions.And Portuguese government details. Only a few regional lines are included, such as Régua-Pocinho (Douro line), Coimbra-Figueira da Foz (Coimbra suburb), Pinhal Novo-Évora and Pinhal Novo-Vila Nova da Baronia (Alentejo line), Pinhal Novo-Tunes (Southern Line). This limitation also applies to intercity, interregional and Alfa Pendular high-speed trains. Finally, the pass does not allow you to travel in the Porto, Lisbon and Coimbra regions either using urban trains.

Similar offer in Germany

Available at any counter, the subscription can be activated by purchasing a CP Card for €6, select Portuguese Railways (Comboios de Portugal). Will this new card achieve the same success as other European initiatives of the same type? At the beginning of May, the €49 monthly subscription, offered in Germany, met a large audience. It must be said that this is much more useful than its Portuguese counterpart. It includes not only regional trains, but also all other modes of public transport, such as metro, trams and buses. In Austria, travelers can take all public and private transport in the country, thanks to the “KlimaTicket”, an annual subscription of 1095 euros.

What about France? Inspired by the German initiative, the government is considering creating a similar permit that would apply to regional trains for the summer of 2024. A simple, attractive and inexpensive pass for young peopleBuilding on the success of the France-Germany Corridor, said Clement Bonn in early July. Older people will appreciate it.

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