In Aygalades, a day for health

In Aygalades, a day for health

In the heart of Aygalades, June 9th, prevention coincided with coexistence. On the hill of this 15th cityH In the county, nine information kiosks have been set up under the auspices of the AP-HM Health Center. Between the free raffle and coffee served by the local merchant, associations, doctors and caregivers have been working hard to raise awareness among a population often far from the health system. Among the topics discussed were immunization, screening, prevention of cancer and chronic diseases, as well as food, emotional life and sexual health, including psychological support.

This day has meaning as it helps to establish a connection with the population Olivier Gauche, coordinator of the health center, which was established in 2021, confirms. at 15H As in the rest of the northern regions, the medical density is very low, which leads to high rates of cancer and chronic diseases such as asthma, respiratory diseases or diabetes. He notes. Therefore, this remarkable, unprecedented day of “to go to” aims to make this extension of the hospital in underprivileged neighborhoods more visible than ever before.” that it Make us better known, and make it known that there is a multi-disciplinary sponsorship offering available. We’re trying to encourage people to get screened, knowing that screening rates for colorectal, breast, and uterine cancers are much lower than they are in the rest of the city. notes Olivier Jochy.

Excessive mortality

The initiative is already bearing fruit. Fifteen HIV and hepatitis C tests were carried out as of mid-morning. ” We also identified twenty consultations To assess the respiratory system Marion Guetta, pulmonologist at Al Shamal Hospital, rejoices. A specialist in severe asthma, she consults twice a month at Aygalades Health Center. Respiratory health is a real problem in the northern regions. Asthma, for example, is a disease that is not detected, nor treated, nor controlled Practitioner’s lament. This lack of access to care has tangible consequences. In the northern regions, the indicators of excess mortality broke records: nearly 60% for asthma, 80% for AIDS, and more than 20% for diabetes and lung cancer during the period 2012-2016, according to ‘Inserm’.

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Regional inequality, medical desertification, instability, food insecurity, language barrier or low level of health education: this day reflects the obstacles to accessing care for the most vulnerable populations. ” Many in my neighborhood no longer consult Chris, a resident of Cannes (14H) accompanied by the social center of his region. In the face of these difficulties, We do what we can “You trust.” Jean Jaures Medical Center closed in 2021. When we call the doctor, we are often told that he can no longer take new patients. Going to Al-Shamal Hospital is complicated by transportation. That’s why we now come to Les Aygalades, because we have it all here. “The young woman will not waste her day. Thanks to the help of Ahmed from the Arborescence Association, she was able to create her joint medical file on her phone, which is an electronic health record that stores health information. An essential service in the all-digital age, because” Many people are isolated and helpless in the face of these issues ’, attesting to the digital medium that complements a promising device. It is essential to work together in neighborhoods and create connections. This health approach-coordinated exercise is the future Olivier Jochy concluded.

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