After his achievement in the European Games, young table tennis player Félix Lebrun is thinking about the 2024 Paris Olympics

After his achievement in the European Games, young table tennis player Félix Lebrun is thinking about the 2024 Paris Olympics

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9:48 PM, July 4, 2023

At just 16 years old, nothing intimidates young French table tennis player Félix Lebrun. The table tennis player, winner of the European Games in Krakow, Poland last week, broke early records. A good omen ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics. He did not hide his ambitions in “Europe 1 Sports”.

A French champ is hatching, if it hasn’t already. Table tennis player Félix Lebrun, the hope of the sport in France, won the European Games at just 16 years old. After a heated final match against Portugal’s Marcos Freitas, Felix Lebrun won his first major trophy on the European scene. A performance that the young man responded to in the show euro 1 sport (Live every evening from 8pm to 11pm Europe 1): “I got stronger every match. I felt better and better as the competition progressed. It ended with an exceptional victory in the final in a very close match against a player who had a somewhat exceptional tournament. I Really very happy,” the young gold medalist rejoiced.

Continuous progress

Felix LeBron continues to advance. Within a few months, the Frenchman had jumped 300 places in the world rankings, now placing him in 17th place. A welcome early maturity for a Frenchie who still thinks they have more ‘time to get ahead’. He is still unknown to the best table tennis players a year ago, and many opponents fear now. “There is a situation that is changing,” Félix Lebrun admits.

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His playing style, with his pen holder grip, outshines his opponents. “They’re not necessarily used to playing players who have that grip and create balls a little bit differently. I think it’s hard to adapt to it at first,” explains the person who trains seven hours a day. A steady pace does not prevent the athletic 16-year-old from pursuing his studies remotely.

An older brother with strong potential

But Félix Lebrun is not the only hope for French table tennis. The table tennis player has an older brother who has just as much potential. Moreover, the Blues have not stayed away from a final between the brothers. Senior Alexis Lebrun (19) lost in the semi-finals, but strengthened herself with bronze. During the team championship, the siblings allowed the Blues to finish in third place. “We train a lot together, so we try to give a lot of advice to each other so that everyone can progress as quickly as possible and end up on a European platform like this with my brother. It’s definitely very rare and it gives a lot of fun. It also makes you want to reach to a higher level”, stated Félix Lebrun euro 1 sport.

The heroes now have their eyes on Paris Olympics 2024. “It’s a dream. It’s what I witnessed when I was young. It’s the biggest competition for an athlete. So obviously we’re thinking about it,” explains Félix Lebrun. A family affair to follow…

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