‘I’m losing altitude’: 21-year-old pilot begged air traffic controllers to tell his parents he loved them before he died

‘I’m losing altitude’: 21-year-old pilot begged air traffic controllers to tell his parents he loved them before he died

In light of poor visibility in the Florida sky, a pilot A 21-year-old American had to ask air traffic control for help to navigate, just moments before he crashed and died.

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The young man even begged air traffic controllers to tell his parents that he loved them.

“I don’t think I can maintain altitude without coming down,” he said over the radio, as he controlled the single-engine Cherokee Piper 180, which he had bought two weeks earlier.

“How many miles am I from Gainesville?” he pleaded before crashing into the state park.

“I’m losing altitude,” he can be heard saying on the local radio station’s audio recording.

France Press agency

He then asked air traffic controllers to deliver a heartbreaking love letter.

He died after crashing at Pines Prairie Preserve Tuesday afternoon.

France Press agency

Until now, the identity of the killed young pilot has not been officially identified.

However, the dead plane was purchased two weeks ago by Adrian James Valentine, 21, of Melrose, Florida, according to the New York Post.

The director of the Kissimmee Airport in Florida, Ramon Senorance, confirmed to the media that the plane took off correctly, remained clear of clouds and remained 1,000 feet in the air.

However, flying using visual references is not safe and must be done using navigation instruments, depending on the destination airport.

Before take-off, a controller encouraged him to wait because weather conditions were about to improve. Three minutes later, the pilot released the plane for takeoff.

Poor vision came later. It crashed at approximately 482 kilometers per hour. Rescuers found the wreckage just before sunset on Tuesday evening.

The circumstances of the accident are still unknown, while the authorities continue their investigations.

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