“I’ll never sleep again!”: She realized that a spider was living in her ear

“I’ll never sleep again!”: She realized that a spider was living in her ear

“I threw up, I’ll never sleep again!” That’s the reaction of a young Missouri woman when a doctor assured her he had just removed a live spider from her ear.

Desirae Kelly, who goes by the name @desiraekelly on TikTok, recounts her traumatic experience on her platform. She says she woke up the night before and felt a strange feeling coming out of her ear. “After 15 minutes, I felt something moving in my ear,” she said.

The next morning, the young woman went to the emergency room. “It was very uncomfortable. I was crying in the waiting room,” she said.

Soon after, the doctor confirmed that she did indeed have something in her ear. At first, Desirae thought it was a little bug, but when the doctor tried to take the “thing” from her, “Desiray knew it wasn’t a little bug, when the doctor jumped out of his chair,” she said. She saw “the big black eight-legged spider falling from her shoulder to the ground.”

Since that day, she admits that she sleeps with headphones to prevent another spider from taking shelter in her ear. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep again without headphones.”

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