How to reduce your carbon footprint if you watch videos

How to reduce your carbon footprint if you watch videos

And you, flowing, how do you consume it? Do you watch movies on Netflix? By repeating your playlist? Today, this is part of our online behavior and seems to have become more integrated into our lives since the pandemic, and is one of the main factors forcing confined activities. But first, what is behind this Anglicanism? In short, broadcasting consists of watching live videos over the Internet, which range from media libraries (such as INA in France) to specialized platforms (YouTube) via Video on Demand (VoD) such as Netflix or videos embedded in social networks (Facebook, etc.). ). Increasingly bandwidth-intensive Internet consumption put this measure of a line’s ability to transmit an increasing amount of information over the same wired or WiFi network.

But whatever the necessary technology and the hopes some have for the deployment of fiber or that of 5G, which could in turn create a “highway effect” for online data, energy consumption and the resulting greenhouse gases are increasingly questioned at best and Malicious criticism at worst. At a time when sobriety has become an absolute necessity in our daily lives, how about a live broadcast? Study conducted by researchers at the University of Würzburg (Germany) will come today to provide us with additional elements and, above all, to show us how we can

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