How to choose an antiparasitic for your cat?

How to choose an antiparasitic for your cat?

Do you want to treat or protect your cat from parasites but don't know which product to use? We help you make your choice.

Parasites, such as ticks or fleas, can carry diseases or infections to cats, and can sometimes put their health at risk. To protect your little companion, There is a full range of pest control solutions.They come in different forms: topical (drops applied to the skin), patches, sprays, or even oral tablets. Each type of antiparasitic has its own mechanism of action. Some kill the parasites directly, others prevent their reproduction or act as repellents using active ingredients. Want to know how to choose the right antiparasitic for your cat? We help you see things more clearly.

Focus on 3 antiparasitics for cats

Vetocanis Anti-Flea Pipettes for Cats

Keep your companion healthy with these anti-flea suckers. French production (In Alsace), it protects your cat from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for 4 months (pack of 4 tubes for 1 month). The products are manufactured under veterinary supervision and do not contain any pesticides.

It is made with extracts of margosa and lavandin, which are naturally repellent plants. Therefore, it protects your pet while respecting the environment. Simply open the straw by unscrewing the tip, part your cat's hair at the base of its neck so that its skin is visible, then place the tip of the straw on the skin and press gently to empty it.

Beaphar Antiparasitic Pipettes for Cats

These anti-parasitic suckers are very effective against fleas, ticks and even lice in all life stages (eggs, larvae and adults). Designed without pesticides or chemicals, they are based on dimethicone. Immediately paralyze parasites. After use. They are no longer able to move, they fall off and are disposed of while grooming your cat's fur.

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As for use, simply part your four-legged companion's hair, place the tip of the straw on his skin and squeeze the tube to discharge it along the line of his back.

Liquid dewormer for cats

Suitable for both cats and dogs, this natural deworming liquid is just as effective, if not more so, than tablets. Natural origin formula (Wormwood, garlic, cinnamon, thyme, eugenia and bikrama) promotes intestinal cleanliness, restores and maintains intestinal vitality, and prevents intestinal worms.

You can add it to your cat's water or food or give it directly from a spoon. In all cases, it is recommended to do this for 3 days and repeat the process every 3 months, to ensure his health and safety.

The most effective flea control solution for cats is the one that works for them. In fact, Choosing an antiparasitic It depends on several criteria. :

  • Your cat's age
  • the weight
  • Possible disease presence
  • His coat
  • Duration of protection required
  • Their lifestyle (indoor or outdoor)
  • His personality

Ideally, focus on Antiparasitic, therapeutic and preventiveDon’t forget the little daily gestures, too, like washing your cat with a flea shampoo, brushing her with a flea comb, washing her bedding regularly, and cleaning your home properly. Check your cat frequently for signs of a new infestation, and of course, Consult your veterinarian if in doubt. In order to benefit from a stronger treatment or a treatment tailored to your condition.

Tips for Treating Cats with Fleas

To treat a cat with fleas, there are several solutions available to you. You can first manage TabletsThese have an almost immediate effect on your cat, which is of real importance if they are severely affected. However, they do not necessarily protect them from future infection. In addition, they are not always easy to get them to swallow. Another option is to use Straws (Or immediately). Easy to apply, they are very effective. They have a slight smell and lubricate the hair in the application area, but this is not really bothersome.

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Compare the best antiparasitics for cats

the Pest control collars Also effective. It protects cats from various parasites and is active for several months. The main disadvantage of the device is the fact that your pet is forced to wear a collar all the time, which is not always pleasant for him or even dangerous. Collars can also cause allergies due to their concentration of active substances. Finally, Pest control sprays or aerosols They have proven themselves. They are just as effective as other solutions, but sometimes complicated to implement.

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