on video | Bungee cord breaks… in the middle of a jump!

Some consider bungee jumping to be a near death experience, but this man actually came close to death after breaking the rubber band he was holding.

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A Hong Kong tourist narrowly escaped while visiting an amusement park in Thailand last January.

The 39-year-old decided to jump off a 10-storey high springboard in Pattaya City while on vacation.

Fortunately for him, the jump was performed over a body of water which likely softened his fall after breaking the rubber.

He made it out alive, but unharmed.

“I landed on my left side, so the injuries were more serious there,” he said.

Mike found himself covered in bruises.

“It was as if someone had just hit me really hard,” he added.

The man admits to agreeing to jump after being challenged by friends who also witnessed the scene.

“They were so high that I closed my eyes. I planned to reopen them on the rebound,” says Mike.

“I realized the rope had just broken when I opened my eyes and I was suddenly surrounded by water.”

He managed to climb to the surface and swim to the edge despite having his feet tied together.

Mike said the park reimbursed for his jump and paid for the x-ray and ultrasound in Thailand.

The founder of the park confirmed that this is the first time that such an event has occurred.

According to information from CNN

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