Here is the funniest joke on earth according to science

Here is the funniest joke on earth according to science


Want to impress the show?

Humor is a subjective form of intelligence. It differs not only from people, but also from countries, cultures and social backgrounds. A condition that has not prevented scientists from continuing to discover which joke will be the most unanimous, the one that will work almost every time.

Joke works every time

The funniest joke on Earth was rated higher than the other 39,000 in the study by laughter Which took place in 2001. It was proposed at that time by a 31-year-old Englishman, Gurpal Gosall. Concretely, during the experiment, the participants could send their jokes and make notes of others’ jokes by giving them a note. This is the one with the highest rating:

“Two New Jersey hunters were in the woods when one of them suddenly collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolling. The other hunter pulls out his cell phone and calls 911. My friend is dead!” he said, panting to the employee. what can I do ? what can I do ? The operator said to him in a calm, relaxed voice, “Calm down. I can help you. First, let’s make sure he’s dead. There was silence and a gunshot was heard. Then the hunter picked up the phone and said, ‘Well, what now?” »»

Why are you laughing?

The man behind this project, Dr. Richard Wiseman, explains why this joke won gold. Thus he says: “This joke is interesting because it works in many different countries, it appeals to men and women, young and old. Many of the jokes presented have received higher ratings from certain groups of people, but these jokes have a real global appeal.”

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