Here are the 4 secrets to living a century older, according to the Blue Zones Diet

Here are the 4 secrets to living a century older, according to the Blue Zones Diet

In a few communities around the world, people live long, healthy lives, living to 100 years old and beyond: These places are called Blue Zones. Here are some of the secrets that contribute to its impressive lifespan, according to scientists.

1) Carbohydrates

The Blue Zone diet is 98% plant based, whole food based and high in complex carbohydrates. “You say carbohydrates and people are terrified, but the healthiest foods in our diet are complex carbohydrates,” says Dan Buettner, who writes about the Blue Zones for National Geographic.

Complex carbohydrates are found in vegetables, beans, peas, and grains. They bring more vitamins, minerals and fiber to your diet.

2) Similar to the Mediterranean style

The blue zone diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet, which wins gold medals every year as the best diet for health. However, there are some differences.

“People in the Blue Zones don’t eat as much fish as the Mediterranean diet prescribes. They only eat it three times a week. They only eat 3 ounces. Meat is only eaten five times a month. There is no cow’s milk in any Blue Zone,” she said. Explain.

These people prefer goat and sheep milk products.

3) Purple sweet potatoes

Buettner considers purple sweet potatoes a staple of the Blue Zone diet. Such is the case for the people of Okinawa, Japan.

4) A healthy lifestyle

People in blue zones remain active in their daily lives. They are close to friends and family, have a purpose in life, and handle stress well.

Where are the blue zones?

The Italian island of Sardinia, Ikaria in Greece, Okinawa in Japan, Nicoya in Costa Rica, and Loma Linda in California are some of the well-known blue zones at the moment.

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