Golf holes installed in Madrid to denounce water wastage

Golf holes installed in Madrid to denounce water wastage

aClimate activists from the ‘Rebelión O Extinción’ (the Spanish branch of the Extinction Rebellion group) have covered several holes with cement at the Club de Campo Villa golf course in Madrid, as the European Open kicks off today in Spain.

This measure condemned the “wasting of water” in the dry season.

Focused on fighting the climate crisis, members of this social movement mobilized early this morning to vandalize three holes on a golf course in Madrid, putting up a sign reading “This hole swallowed 100,000 liters of water today.”

With this initiative, the activists wanted to draw attention to the “irresponsibility and cynicism of the elite who, during the absolutely hot summer, could not even take the initiative, according to the National Meteorological Agency, to give up something like watering their golf courses.” They explained in statements to the news agency Effie.

The demonstration followed in the footsteps of another group who, in August, filled the holes of several golf courses in France, as well as with cement, for the same purpose.

« En Espagne, 437 terrains de golf sont irrigués chaque jour », affirment les militants, soulignant que le nombre « représente une consommation d’eau supérieure à celle des populations de Madrid et de Barcelone réunies, pour le divertissement dont seulement 0,6% population ” .

The protest comes against the backdrop of Europe’s worst drought in 500 years, which mainly affected Spain, where some independent communities imposed water use restrictions this summer, and as water reserves, now 31.9% of capacity, continue to decline. .

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The group, whose main demands include the democratization of decision-making on climate action through citizens’ councils, has demanded a referendum “so that citizens can control the water and decide whether or not to play golf in Spain, in order to protect water resources with a minimum of sacrifices.”

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